Hello, you may call me Damion, but I go by a few different names, such as Bird and Hootles. I go by they/them or he/him. I'm a pretty chill bird who just likes to draw big birds and pretty things...Including big buff monsters.

Commission status :: Only taking sketches



♦ Before sending in a form, please read all of my terms. I have the right to reject any commission if it makes me uncomfortable or simply does not follow my TOS.
♦ All works, unless stated otherwise, are for personal use only. As the client, one is allow to post the commissioned piece in their own private galleries. If one happens to sell a character with commissioned work by me and is commissioned by the same client, they are allowed to add the full price of the commissioned piece to the character's original sale. Only if this allowed by the designer's TOS.
✰ When reposting commissioned work, please provide proper credit and a link back to my gallery. If you are posting on Toyhou.se, please credit Hootles.
♦ I work mainly from visual references and require accurate references. If I am given inaccurate references, please tell me so in the form and provide more up to date references. Descriptions are fine if they are detailed and clear. However, I would like visual references to go along with the descriptions. I have no problem finalizing some small details on characters, but I will not be making an entirely new character. Details must be of an already made character.
♦ Edits are allow, but only three major edits past the sketch phase. I will charge more for edits that go beyond the limit.
♦ Please do not message me for updates every day. I am fine with every other day or weekly. I send roughs and updates through email, so please keep an eye on that before messaging me for updates.
♦ Invoices will be sent after commission is accepted. Payment is require after the approval of the rough, but one is allow to pay in advance. Refunds are allow if there is no work done. Only partial refunds for half completed work, but absolutely no refunds for already completed work.


♦ Commissioner must be 18+.
I will not draw:
✰ Pedophilia
✰ Rape
✰ Incest
✰ Extreme/Hardcore fetishes
✰ Vore/Heavy Guro
✰ Marco/Mirco


♦ Resales are allowed; however, it can be only sold for the original price, unless there are commissioned pieces of the character. You cannot add your own art to the value of the character.
♦ When posting the character for the first time or on Toyhou.se, provide credit and a link back to my gallery or TH.
♦ For customs, vague descriptions are allow. Major changes to the design is allowed during rough stages; however, I will charge for each major edit after the rough stages have been finalized.
♦ All designs are mainly personal use only, unless it has been discussed with me for commercial use. Closed species/species by me are only for personal use. 
♦ You are allow to do minor changes, as long as the character still looks similar to the original. You can the gender of character as much as you like.

These may be changed at any time.

You are agreeing to these terms when you send in a form.


Simple scene :: $100

Simple scenes contain the least amount of detail. The background may have a small amount of detail with the main focus being on the character.

Semi-complex scene :: $130

These are a step down from fully detailed scenes that do not contain as much detail.

Complex scene :: $200+

Complex scenes contain the most detail with a whole scene and detailed backgrounds. These take the most time with the current limit of seven hours. If needed, time can be added with the hourly charge of $30.

For each extra character, it will be an additional $50 to the original price. For example, a simple scene with three characters will be $250.


bust :: $60

Experimental pieces are paintings I use to try out different brushes or a different style. They are meant to be bust.

colored sketches

Full body :: $35

waist-up :: $25

bust :: $15

Extra characters cost an additional $15 for each character. Busts only allow one character.

Painted sketches

Full body :: $70

waist-up :: $50

bust :: $30

Extra characters cost an additional $25 for each character. Busts only allow one character.

watercolor sketches

full body :: $25

These are only full body with a small hint of color as a background.

Each extra character will cost an additional $15.

colored lines

Full body :: $50

waist-up :: $35

bust :: $20

Extra characters cost an additional $20 for each character. Busts only allow one character.

Painted lines

Full body :: $90

waist-up :: $70

bust :: $40

Extra characters cost an additional $50 for each character. Busts only allow one character.

I currently only have one example of this.


normal :: $30

All pixel icons are 100x100 unless requested otherwise. Coupled/joined icons will cost $30 for each character.


normal :: $15

animated :: $30

Icons are drawn 400x400 canvases and are resize to 100x100. You will get both versions.


basic :: $80

Basic includes one full body, three busts for expressions/details, and a cropped back view.
You can add some bundles onto your sheet.

chibi bundle :: $20 - $30

Adds two to three chibis that can be used for extra details or other outfits.

Weapon/accessory bundle :: $15

Adds some extra accessories or weapons that exceed the basic amount. You can add up to three with this bundle.

Illustration :: $30

Adds a simple illustration that can be used to display character doing a skill or whatever you like.

Any extra full bodies will cost an additional $20. This can be other forms or an outfit.

Custom character designs

basic :: $60

Basic is only a full body that is lined and comes with a transparent background. For an additional $20, I can an outfit if the design calls for it.