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Hello, my name is Damion, a bird and monster enthusiast, and I am an animator with an interest in illustration. I currently reside in good old Indiana, but I have plans to expand beyond further than my home state. Many may know me for my thing with birds that are consistently included many of my works, including influencing many of my character designs. I thoroughly enjoy reading and creating comics that happen to be set up in a sci-fi or fantasy setting, such as web comics like Ava's Demon. Along with comics, video games and animations, like Spirited Away and many other films by Studio Ghibli, have inspired my own exploration in my art.


In my work, telling a story is given top priority, whether it is through animation or an illustration. The story is important to connect the viewer to the piece that they are able to relate to. While striving to tell a thrilling tale, I aim to create a diverse cast of characters. Through my creations, themes of identity, such as gender and self awareness, and family are often explore in.

Small note, please use neutral pronouns (they/them) or male pronouns when referring to the artist.